Privacy Policy


This document describes the way in which traveler’s/user’s personal data (hereinafter “the user”) are being used by MOVVIN’ IKE Company (hereinafter “the Company”) during the time of the services provided.

The user is also informed about how to contact the Company in case of further questions regarding the use of personal data.

Protecting privacy and personal information provided by the user is a top priority for the Company. By visiting this website, the user accepts the practices described in this Privacy Policy. Any data submitted here, is collected, organized and retained by the Company. The Company does not transfer, sell or rent personal information to third parties. Unless stated otherwise, this document only deals with the use and communication of data collected by “MOVVIN’ IKE”.

The below Privacy Policy provisions are part of our Terms of Use.


  1. Upon reservation of an itinerary offered through the automated platform of the Company’s Website, the following information are requested from the user:
    1. his/her full name,
    2. his/her e-mail address
    3. his/her address
    4. his/her nationality (in case of a third country citizenship residence permit or VISA or other required travel document is necessary)
    5. contact number.
    In case the user wishes to complete his/her reservation, he/she should additionally submit his/her date of birth and affirm, in the relevant tab of the Website, that he/she has a valid travel document, as well as a valid residency permit, if a third-country national. He/she is obliged to have those documents along the whole trip. In case of an international service, the user is obliged to have any travel document required for that trip.
  2. The above mentioned information is saved in the Company’s server, where the Company’s website is also stored, and is used exclusively for user’s convenience.
  3. During the time of the provided services, the Company will use the above mentioned information for communicating with the user and for his/her convenience. It is also possible that the Company may send additional e-mails in the future.
  4. The reason that the above mentioned information is collected and used by the Company is to facilitate and properly provide its services. This process is solely based on communication immediacy between the Company and the user as well as on the rapid formulation of the user’s request and on the responsiveness of the Company.
  5. In case of a service provided by a partner company, the Company is likely to share solely and exclusively with this partner the above mentioned user’s personal information.
  6. The Company may share the above mentioned user’s personal data or disclose personal information if required or authorized by Law (e.g.  upon court order, fine or general legal proceedings or investigations). The Company may also disclose personal data if it is absolutely necessary for crime prevention or criminal prosecution.
  7. By using the offers by the Company’s booking services, the user consents in the collection and use of his/her personal data that he/she has granted to the Company, as described above within the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
  8. After using the Company’s services, the user may write comments that will appear in its Website, as well as in other social media under his/her profile, for the content of which he/she will be exclusively responsible.


  1. The Company uses cookies so that the user can be recognized by the website when he/she revisits it, based on his/her prior selections (e.g. language preference, itinerary browsing). Cookies are used first to facilitate the user’s searching process and second to reliably provide the requested services.

    The user can identify the cookies on his/her own browser settings while online and manage his/her own browser preferences.

    ONLY the Company uses and has access to the cookies.
  2. The lifespan of cookies and consequently their use by the Company depends on the type of cookies used. In any case, the user has the right to delete the cookies from his/her browser anytime he/she desires.


  1. The management and protection of each user’s personal data is subject to these terms and relevant provisions of the existing legislative framework for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and confidentiality of communications. The Company maintains reasonable procedures to prevent unauthorized access to user’s personal data and their misuse. Appropriate business systems and procedures for the protection of personal data are being used by the Company, while access to personal data is permitted only to qualified employees during business hours. Under no circumstances have the Company, the suppliers, the partner companies or anyone else involved in the operating activity of the Company and the services provided, knowledge of credit card or bank account information. The Company does not collect, process or store credit card information provided by the user. The only collection and processing of such data is done in a secure environment via the international payment system PayPal. The latter ensures full protection of the security and privacy of credit/debit card information for the Company.
  2. The services provided by the Company are not addressed to minors under eighteen (18) years old, unless there is adult supervision, parent or legal guardian. In case the Company receives data by a minor under eighteen (18) years old, it has an unconditional right to delete them.
  3. In any case, user’s personal data will be kept in accordance with Law no. 2472/1997 and Law no. 3471/2006, as in force and the decisions and instructions of the Personal Data Protection Authority.


  1. The user has in any case the right to change his/her personal data granted to the company. According to this right the user may apply for review, confirmation, modification or deletion of data at any time free of charge, by contacting the Company via e-mail at, providing first his/her ID information so as to prevent non-authorized persons from accessing personal data.


  1. If our Privacy Policy procedures are modified, those modifications will be posted on the Website of the Company within a reasonable time. In any case, every user should recur to these terms in order to be informed about any possible changes. The Company bears no responsibility against the users or against any third party with respect to these actions.