Terms of Use


Α. These terms and conditions – Ownership of the webpage

MOVVIN’ IKE (MOVVIN’ PRIVATE COMPANY) (hereinafter “the company”) created the webpage http://www.movvin.com to provide travelers/users with information and services via the electronic platform, which operates within the webpage (hereinafter “users” or “user”).

These terms and conditions –as may be amended and in effect at various times– govern all the company’s services that are provided by the use of the above mentioned webpage via “smart” mobile devices, e-mail or telephones, by the use of electronic platforms, such as Facebook and other social networking applications.

By accessing, browsing and using the webpage or any other application from the above mentioned platforms, the user automatically accepts and declares that he/she has read and understood these terms and conditions and also declares that he/she complies with them, as described below, including the statement regarding the personal data protection.


  1. Subject of services

    1. The company offers personalized services that accommodate the needs of each and every traveler/user who addresses it.
    2. The company manages a reservation platform which connects professional drivers or owners of licensed public vehicles with the users of mobility services ensuring transportation positions via such vehicles (9-passenger minivans, 50-passenger buses and generally those vehicles that are explicitly described according to each case in the above mentioned platform). Users search for the route of their choice via the specifically designed platform and if that route is available from the webpage, they can complete their reservation by selecting the date, the number of passengers and, if available, the discount category, by paying electronically via the webpage.
    3. In particular, the user will refer to the company’s webpage and search engine, from which he/she can search for the routes he/she wants, check the availability of the existing means of transportation, select among the platform departure points (“from ...”) and arrival points (“to ...”) available in the search engine, set the date (or date range) of the proposed route and the number of passengers he/she wants to reserve or charter. By performing the search, all the available routes (from/to), the destination according to the route type as well as the price per passenger or vehicle for each case will be displayed.
    4. When using the MOVVIN’ platform, anyone is allowed to register as a user via his/her Facebook account or by submitting his/her email and entering a personal password, his/her name, home address, nationality and telephone number . In case that he/she wants to proceed to a reservation, he/she will also need to submit his/her date of birth and declare in a relevant selection of the webpage that he owns a valid travel document and a valid residence permit in the case of a third country citizen, which he/she is obliged to bring with throughout the course of his/her trip. In case of an international route, the traveler is obliged to carry with him/her the required travel document according to the type of the trip.
    5. Payment for purchases by the user will be made via a PayPal account (debit/credit card). The final amount of the displayed outstanding payment will include all PayPal charges.
    6. The payment receipt will also include a boarding card position in the vehicle.
    7. The driver/vehicle owners manage reservations and timetables via the corresponding reservation platform in real time.
  2. Disclaimer – Consumer behavior

    1. The company is involved in the reservation process as a facilitator, not as a buyer or a seller of services. Therefore, the company bears no responsibility for the type and quality of the transportation services. According to the legislation, the company, its employees, directors, agents, subsidiaries or others involved in the creation, sponsorship and promotion or in any other way in the provision of the webpage, don not bear the  responsible for:
      1. Any damage or loss to the customers or the reputation or loss of any rights to compensation.
      2. Any ambiguities regarding the information provided by the company webpage.
      3. Services or products provided by business partners.
      4. Any damages, losses or charges whenever occurred or suffered by the user after the use of the company webpage or in connection to the use or inability to use or due to belated use of the company webpage.
      5. Any injuries, property damage, death or other consequential damages, losses or charges incurred or caused by the user after any prior act, breach, (heavy) negligence, error, deliberate offence, omission, non performance, misrepresentation, tort/delict attributed to one of our business partners and the services provided or promoted, directly or indirectly, via the company webpage, including a possible cancellation, strike, force majeure or any other reason beyond the control of the company.
    2. In addition, the company bears no responsibility for the submission, collection, withholding or payment of any taxes on the use of services provided or promoted via the webpage.
    3. Furthermore, the company has no responsibility for actions of independent individuals or organizations, wherever committed, which arise as a result of direct or indirect included information or is available on its webpage, regardless of the fact that this specific information is provided by the company or a third party.
    4. The company does not guarantee, directly or indirectly, that the content of its webpage is always updated, secure, error-free, meets the users’ needs and that its provided services will not include errors or be completely accurate.
    5. For the above mentioned reasons, the information contained in the webpage and anything regarding the reservation will be provided in the same way it is provided to the company by the collaborating partners.
    6. The use of information obtained or retained through the webpage is left entirely to the discretion of the user and his/her own responsibility. The user accepts that he/she should evaluate the contents and that he/she bears fully responsibility for any hazard that may arise from any content.
    7. The content of the webpage does not provide advice and does not make recommendations nor should it be considered as a recommendation for any decision or action, invitation for investment or participation in the company profits or other company insurance. The actual results and performances may differ in practice, while older invoices cannot be considered as a safe indicator for future action.
    8. For each action involving the proper functioning and legal status of the individual vehicle, the only person who bears the responsibility is the owner alone. The owner alone bears the corresponding compensation responsibility for any cause concerning illegal licensing or vehicle registration.
    9. The owner of each vehicle for which the reservation is performed via the platform bears the responsibility for its insurance and for public liability from injuries to third parties and passengers unlimited and property damage to third parties.
    10. It is expressly noted that any damage which may be caused by the vehicle passengers/ users of the platform, they themselves alone bear responsibility, not the company.
    11. In any case, regarding anything that is not expressly provided in this clause, the relevant legislation is to be applied.
  3. Intellectual property rights

    1. The intellectual property rights of the webpage content, which are included without limitation in all documents, files, texts, images, graphics and attachments, as well as the general description of the webpage and particularly the form of the search platform are property of the company unless expressly provided otherwise, and are owned by another partner company and are protected by the current Greek, European and international legislation.
    2. The company allows the users to copy and text excerpts of its webpage, other than those specifically identified as owned by third parties for non-commercial use, provided that any copy or part of these documents or pages obtained, retains all intellectual rights property thereon. Except for the limited license, no other content of the webpage should be misinterpreted as a guarantee of another additional right or license on another copyright, patent or trademark of the company or other third party. No company logo or trademark may be used or reproduced without prior written consent on behalf of the company.
    3. Unless otherwise specified, copying for commercial purposes, modification or reproduction partially or entirely of the webpage content in any form based on this webpage and/or its contents or other webpages included in it or electronic retrieval systems, is prohibited. No reference to any part of this webpage may be reproduced in another webpage without prior written consent on behalf of the company.
  4. The right to use information supplied by users

    1. No information provided to the company by the user of the webpage (including without limitation know-how, comments, ideas, questions, techniques, abstracts or other relevant data) is confidential. The company may copy and use all or part of such information for the purpose of development, creation and promotion of its products.
  5. Webpages and content of third parties – Other webpages

    1. Third parties, for example partner companies, to whom any parts or references of this webpage belong to, bear full responsibility for the security, the legality and the reliability of their content and services.
    2. The company does not guarantee the rights of users for their own use of the contents that belong to a third day and are available on its webpage. Users must have the permission of the third party for the use or storage of these contents. Contents protected under the copyright law cannot be changed nor is it possible for any author notice or copyright rights to appear before the presence of prior consent.
    3. The exposition of contents as well as the above mentioned are provided by the company for the purpose of facilitating its webpage users. The company does not in any way support, advise or accepts any responsibility for these contents.
  6. Transfer of software

    1. The use of software that is downloaded via the webpage is exclusively subject to the judgment and evaluation of possible risks by the user, after compatibility of his/her computer with this software and absence of viruses.
  7. Changes to the webpage

    1. The company reserves the right to modify, withdraw the webpage partially or entirely at any time without prior notice. Any changes will have effect from the moment the user uses the webpage after the posting of the change. No user is entitled to compensation on the basis of inability to use the services offered via the webpage.
  8. Questions

    1. If the users have any questions they may submit them on line via e-mail at info@movvin.com.
  9. Privacy Policy

    1. The company considers it as a top priority to protect any personal data that the users provide during rendering of services and it is responsible for their preservation.
    2. The terms of Privacy Policy governing use of the website as well as services provided by the company are below described. The user agrees highly with these terms, after careful reading. Any controversy shall arise about these terms, will be solved through these terms, personal data protection policy, also included in the website and the directives and decisions of the Capital Market Committee.
    3. The company reserves the right to modify privacy policy. It is the user’s responsibility to be informed of their latest wording before using the website.
    4. The information and the data requested by the company and the collaborator carriers serve the observation of the use of the website. During this procedure NO recognizable personal data is requested, but only information about the number of visitors to the website and browser. It is possible that use of such information may be shared with other affiliated companies and third parties.
    5. As far as it concerns personal data, they are requested by the company ONLY for the login procedure for the rendering of its services and they are only those mentioned in the term B.1. The company may reserve a file of the personal data provided by the users and elaborate it or send the data to collaborating parties in order only to facilitate the rendering of its services. The company does not disclose or make users’ personal data public in any case (About the protection of personal data, the cookies and the privacy policy in general, see corresponding file on the website).
    6. It is not excluded that there will be an information distribution by the company or affiliated carriers via e-mail. If the user does not wish to receive such information, he/she can choose not to, by sending a relative e-mail to the company at: info@movvin.com.
    7. The website and the services provided by the company address to adults, which means people who search for information regarding that specific content. The company would never intend to collect information from or related to minors.
    8. The company may share above mentioned users’ personal data or make personal information public, if this is required by the Law (e.g. after a court order, summons, under a general court procedure or in a survey). It is also possible that it may reveal personal data if this is absolutely necessary for the prevention or prosecution of criminal acts or to prevent illegal activity or actions that put internet or the website in danger.
    9. The company and the affiliated carriers are available to the users for any definition of the above, through sending an e-mail at info@movvin.com.
  10. Eligibility – User’s Obligations

    1. Each user must have at least 18 years of age. Reservation concerning a minor should be done by his/her legal guardian and both must have the necessary documents for their identification in their possession throughout the journey.
    2. Each user uses the company's website or requests the services individually and for him/herself and not for someone else, other than the case of a group reservation. In case of a registration and granting the user a username and / or password by the company, the user agrees to preserve this data and notify the company immediately if he/she detects any unauthorized access or use of the personal username or / and password and be responsible for any loss or damage that may arise from this unauthorized access or loss.
    3. The user is solely responsible for ensuring access to the website and related charges of third parties (e.g. telephone bills and service charges for internet connection).
    4. The user agrees to use the website and the company's services in accordance with these terms. Even if, due to unauthorized use of the website or/ and services of the company from the user's perspective, another person suffers damage or loss, who then turns legal action against the company, the user agrees to indemnify the company for any damage emerged from the relevant claim.
    5. The user agrees to undertake the obligation:
      1. To use the website in accordance with the written instructions, of which he/she will be informed by the company in time and not to use it for a reason other than that, for which it is provided according to these terms, or any other reason that at times the company may declare.
      2. Not to act, during use of the website, knowingly or involuntarily, contrary to the Law, the rules of good faith, instructions and decisions of each competent Authority.
      3. Not to use the website for unauthorized access attempt at the systems of the company and of any other third party.
      4. Not to use the website for commercial or other activities or to contribute to activities prohibited by the Law.
      5. Not to use the website to transfer dangerous material, or offensive or threatening or material that violates third party rights or that intends to cause disruption, harassment or unnecessary concern to any third party or to send messages that the user knows to be false or use the website for similar purposes.
      6.  To promptly notify the company regarding any claim or action against him/her for any use of the website and, following a relevant request by the company, to immediately interrupt the operation because of which the charge was imposed.
      7. To promptly notify the company for any changes affecting the registration data. It is user’s duty to confirm that the registration information is current and valid.
  11. Money refund – compensation – cancellations.

    1. Refunds for non-execution of the services are not, in principle, possible.
    2. Specifically:
    3. In case that the route is not carried out without prior notice or cancellation by the user's fault, he does not receive the price of the booking back.
      1. In case of a reservation cancellation:
        • At least 48/24 hours before the execution of the route (excursions/one-off) he/she gets 100% of his reservation cost back, but looses PayPal Fee.
        • At least 24/12 hours before the execution of the route (excursions/one-off) he/she gets 50% of his reservation cost back, but looses PayPal Fee.
        • At most 24/12 hours before the execution of the route (excursions/one-off) he/she gets 10% of reservation cost back, but looses PayPal Fee.
        • In all cases above, PayPal fees cannot be returned.
        • In case that the route is not carried out by the affiliated carrier’s fault, the user must contact the latter for any refund of the booking fee.
      2. In case that the route is not carried out or there is a misunderstanding by the company’s fault and if this is proved, as also in case of force majeure (e.g.  extreme weather, terrorism, civil unrest) or strike, after the user’s request, from the company issues a credit voucher in the name of the beneficiary with a three-month power, during which the user will have to perform route cashing in within this time interval.
    4. Exceptionally and in specific cases, it is possible to consider users’ written requests for fee refunds. In this case the compensation of the user may be made in cash or by issuing adjustable credit vouchers, as appropriate, in respect to the duration and validity periods, as well as the passenger's destination. It is at the discretion of the company to accept or not the above requests.
    5. For those not prescribed herein, the provisions of the relevant Greek legislation are applicable.
  12. Other terms and conditions – Modification of terms – Applicable law.

    1. These terms and conditions, as well as rendering of services by the company are governed by Greek Law and relative legislation as amended each time and is in force. Competent to resolve any dispute arising from these terms and conditions or the services provided by the company will be exclusively the Courts of Thessaloniki in accordance with the relevant legislation and the local jurisdiction as applicable.
    2. These terms constitute an agreement between every user and the company and govern the access and use of the website by the users. They prevail over any other agreement, even written, between any user and the company regarding use of the website.
    3. The original text of these terms and conditions in Greek language may be translated into other languages too, primarily in English. The translation constitutes a facilitation and translation only for internal use and no rights result from it, except for the ones already mentioned above. If there is any dispute concerning the content or the interpretation of these terms and conditions, or a mismatch or a difference between the text in Greek and any other translated version, the content of the Greek text overrides the others.
    4. Any cancellation, void or non-application in general of one of the provisions of these terms and conditions does not imply non-binding nature of the remaining terms and the user continues to be bound by them.
    5. This contract may be modified whenever by the company, without prior notice, with a new written agreement to be incorporated in it, to the exclusion of any kind of evidence. In any case, every user should recur to these terms in order to be informed about any possible changes. The company bears no responsibility against the users or against any third party with respect to these actions.