What is movvin?

Movvin is an online solution for travellers and holiday-makers wishing to book transfers from any airport or port to their desired destination and various leisure activities, provided by licensed professionals at the best prices!


Why movvin?

Movvin provides passengers with an online real time list of options to travel, explore new places and get the most out of it, as well as the ability to book online without the need to pay in cash or exchange currency. The traveller saves the time needed to search for these options offline in a foreign country whilst saving money by comparing the prices of these options in real-time. Travellers may also benefit from other users' reviews.

Movvin also aims to minimise uncertainty. All services provided through movvin suppliers are subject to specific standards of quality in order to enhance the feeling of safety and security to users. Movvin promotes professionalism to its providers and prompts users to rate them and write reviews, helping them improve the services they provide.

Finally movvin is an environmental friendly option to enjoy travel and vacations as well, since it is based on the sharing economy concept. By reducing empty seats in itineraries and increasing occupancy, traffic is reduced and hence air pollution is reduced as well; all in all providing a safer and healthier environment for all.


Is movvin available near me?

At the moment Movvin is available in Thessaloniki and surrounding regions.

New rides will be added to our site once available.